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Arcade Monitor Cap Kits
arcade monitor cap kits

Arcade monitor cap kits are easy to make and very cheap! I put together a list of all the capacitors you need to change on your chassis. I buy all my caps from Futurlec and I normally buy the 105°C capacitors and if they don't have one I am looking for I find it on eBay. I list the filter caps in the list but I don't change them. The uf has to be the same but you can always use a higher voltage cap. If you are not too sure what monitor chassis you have you can check out this site What's My Monitor?? Here is a link to Monitor Schematics. Click on the monitor you have for a list of the caps you need!

Sharp Image SI 727R DS

Location | Cap

c104 = 220uf 25v
c106 = 1000uf 25v
c107 = 22uf 50v
c108 = 10uf 50v
c109 = 22uf 35v
c302 = 100uf 25v
c305 = 100uf 25v
c306 = 1uf 50v
c326 = 1000uf 35v
c394 = 470uf 25v
c395 = 100uf 35v
c398 = 1000uf 25v
c401 = 47uf 25v
c406 = 1uf 50v
c409 = 1uf 50v
c410 = 1uf 50v
c412 = 10uf 160v
c420 = 1000uf 25v
c421 = 10uf 250v
c423 = 1000uf 16v
c424 = 33uf 35v
c708 NB = 47uf 25v
c709 NB = 47uf 25v
c710 NB = 47uf 25v
c720 NB = 220uf 25v
c721 NB = 100uf 50v
c726 NB = 10uf 50v
c809 = 47uf 35v
c810 = 220uf 25v
c817 = 100uf 160v
c818 = 100uf 160v
c901 = 1000uf 35v
c905 = 1000uf 16v
c906 = 47uf 35v
c908 = 100uf 250v

Caps Needed

1000uf 16v = 2
1000uf 25v = 3
1000uf 35v = 2
100uf 160v = 2
100uf 250v = 1
100uf 25v = 2
100uf 35v = 1
100uf 50v = 1
10uf 160v = 1
10uf 250v = 1
10uf 50v = 2
1uf 50v = 4
220uf 25v = 3
22uf 35v = 1
22uf 50v = 1
33uf 35v = 1
470uf 25v = 1
47uf 25v = 4
47uf 35v = 2