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sometimes my monitor does this
Posted: Oct-27-2015 2:59 PM
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I got this rush game yesterday for a song! It was non working the guy told me the screen went bad and he wanted it gone. I took it home and started " looking into it". I know zero about games... I was hoping to find a bad fuse.... low and behold to me the game worked just fine. Tried to play it today and the screen is "bad"? The two pictures are at the same time of the start up menu, yesterday working and today not working... any help would be awesome!

Click on the image to zoom in

Click on the image to zoom in
Posted: Oct-27-2015 9:32 PM
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Looks like you might be missing the blue color too maybe the wires connecting the monitor are loose? or the connection is dirty. It should be five wires red, green, blue, white sync, and black ground. helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

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