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Posted: May-3-2012 4:03 AM
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Iam using a jamma board when I power up the picture is upside down everything is good just upside down 19 inch sanyo monitor thanks for the help.

Posted: Sep-19-2012 5:58 PM
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If this is a Capcom game then you probably just have to go into test menu and you can flip the screen right back over.

Or on the yoke on the monitor the wires coming off of it could have been reversed for some other game and all you have to do in flip them around. I took a pic of a yoke for you, this one all the wires are together but a lot of monitors have the green and yellow and red and blue on there own connector. So all you would have to do is flip say the yellow and green wire around but it is still connected to the same spot on the chassis.

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