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Posted: Aug-17-2015 1:49 PM
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thanks everyone for your 1993 poker master,cherry master by dyna it is a cga 8 liner bartop machine,on the monitor chassis board I pulled the 2 main plugs off of board awhile ago now I do not remember how they go ,one is a 3 pin plug it goes first the second plug has 2 blanks and 4 pins,how does thin plug go onto board,does it plug in rite next to the 3 pin plug or do I leave a space between the plugs,and then all of the pins will be covered from second plug or if I plug the second plug rite next to the first plug (3pin plug ) then they will be the last pin on chassis board will have nothing on it ,,,,,,help which way is right

Posted: Aug-17-2015 2:13 PM
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this is jeff again the plugs come from the game board they plug into the right side as you are looking at it from the back of game cabinet ,how does these plug in

Posted: Aug-21-2015 7:55 PM
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hey guys I found out how the plugs from game board question is when I turn machine on it is a grey screen and you can play game but not see it,,,,
1. flyback works,the focus works,brightness works
2.horizontal size,position,and hold all work
3.vertical size,position,and hold,all work
4.color controls all on neck board all work,
I am still getting a grey screen.......
it is a 8 liner cga cherry master
what happen in the beginning I pulled the 2 plugs off of the pins on the chassis board so I can clean chassis board,when I plugged the 2 plugs back on the chassis board that is when I got the grey screen
these plugs come from the game board and 1 plug goes into jamma plug that plugs into gameboard the other plug goes somewhere,,,,,any ideas of how to get picture back,and why just by pulling the 2 plugs off of chassis board the screen would go grey and nothing else was messed with,,,,,,,,HELP

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