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Posted: Oct-16-2013 1:00 AM
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Hey all, I had this coil piece break off of my KAGA/Nanao monitor, and im not sure what its called or what it does. Its board location is L902. Came loose during a standard cap kit installation. any help would be great, as the monitor no longer gets power, and i can only guess this is why.

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Posted: Feb-17-2015 5:14 AM
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It is a torodial coil for EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) inhibitor. The operation
of the circuit can generate RF (Radio Frequencies) and can interfere with other
close-by devices (Radios, etc.) and also aids in prevention of stray signals that might
impede the circuit it's in. Commonly called a 'Choke coil'.

Posted: Feb-17-2015 5:19 AM
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Yes. The A/C input from source (wall plug), and goes through the coil to first stage
of board supply rectification, etc. So. Coil MUST have all legs connected to board or
NO POWER! Hope this helps. Greg.

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