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dull monitor.
Posted: Aug-1-2012 8:48 PM
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Ok so I need a little bit of help. I bought an old mvs neo cab with a 25inch monitor... DOA. no power nothing. I found a cheep 33inch and put that in. It looks amazing..with the lights off. But with any lights on it looks washed out. Colors are bright and when I try to turn up brightness it starts bleeding colors and I lose any quality to the image. So my question is... is it just dead. move on find something newer/better. Do a cap kit or replace flyback transformer, and hope that fixes it? I cant find any information about on the chassis to see what cap kit I would need. I only see info on the tube. M78JUA29X. Any help on what I should do would be great!

Posted: Sep-19-2012 4:28 PM
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You should try that a new cap and a flyback and see what happens! I have changed all that stuff on ten year old monitors and they look like new again. You should take some before and after pictures and post here so we can all see how it turns out. You need to probably know what the chassis is, you should take a picture and post it here maybe I know what it is or someone else knows. helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

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