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Waxy discoloration on Electrohome chassis board
Posted: Sep-22-2017 3:12 PM
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Hi all,
I've got a game with an Electrohome G07CB0 that's working just fine, and I'm in the last stages of restoring the whole game. As part of the cabinet cleanup, I removed the monitor, and took the chassis board off to have a look see. As the pics below show, a large part of the board has this waxy buildup on it, with significant darkening. At first I thought it was a result of the big heat sinks on the two regulators, but after realizing the board has been recap'd, thought it may have had some other sort of failure that resulted in the goo being deposited on the board. Or, is this just some sort of thermal insulation applied during manufacturing, and it looks so nasty because it's 35 years old already? Other boards I've seen online seem to have the same appearance. Any clues? I'm more than likely going to just leave it as is, after replacing a couple parts that appear to have partially melted. But, it sure would be nice to understand how it got that way to begin with.

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