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WG D9200 Issues
Posted: Jul-14-2011 10:29 AM
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I've got a couple of issues with my 27" Wells Gardner D9200. For one thing, the image appears rotated about 20 degrees or so. Secondly, the colors are distorted, sort of split up into columns. Red on the left, blue in the middle, and green on the right.

I did take a picture because I probably did not describe the issue well enough :P

I'm new to monitor repair, so I am pretty much completely lost. I have heard this monitor has a lot of issues so I am not against just replacing it with maybe a LCD, but I don't know of a good replacement that will fit. I also don't want to spend $500.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I added a better picture to show the issues I am having, as well as what the background is supposed to look like (color wise).

Click on the image to zoom in

Click on the image to zoom in

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