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Upright Tron
Posted: Jun-15-2014 7:01 AM
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I have been having trouble with my vision pro 19" monitor. It had garbled lines so I recapped it. Then I only had a thin white horizontal white line, then nothing, no raster or anything. I tried using a converter board and a pc flat screen and a crt vga, but neither could find signal source. Then I tried the V.P. 19" again and was working correctly. I reconnect the rgbhv wires and turn on thd game and monitor to hear the static but yet again, no raster. Could it be the horizontal output went bad and I just saw it going out? I weng over my solder joints and could not find a cold solder joint. I would like to use the flat screen pc vga if possible. What would be ghe best connection? Mr tron is a mcr ii board and has R-red, G-green, B-blue, Y/B-yellow and a bare, Gry-grey, Blk-black, P-purple, Brn-brown. I believe the y/b is gnd and black is earth, grey is vertical, and purple is horizontal. Thank you, John

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