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Toshiba D29CR55
Posted: Dec-10-2012 1:32 PM
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Hello, I am not experienced in monitor repair but I've performed minor arcade work. I have 2 Dance Dance Revolution machines. One of them was showing no picture at all so I decided to swap motherboards to make sure the tube was still working. The problem followed the board. I read the blog on the D29CR55, replaced said caps and transistor but still no picture. I don't believe I have the proper tools to test the flyback. Any steps I should take next? Or should I just purchase a new chassis, and where would I find one?

Posted: Feb-14-2013 1:17 AM
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PNL will fix the chassis for $50 if it doesn't need a flyback, more if it needs a flyback :)

Call them and mail them the chassis.

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