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Sanwa 29E31S on Outrun 2 twin
Posted: Sep-28-2012 9:54 AM
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I just picked up a new machine and one monitor has way to much green. I played with the adjustments on the side of the neck board and it changes the hue but does not correct the over all green color. All my other machines except one are black and white and I am not to comfident on color monitors. Any ideas?

Posted: Sep-28-2012 5:43 PM
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The CRT probably needs rejuvenation because the green sounds like it's shorted and turned completely on. A tv man could do that for about $15. They use a tool to burn the short off, in the CRT. helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

Posted: Oct-1-2012 9:38 AM
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Thank You. I will be tearing into that side of the twin in the next couple days and I will check over everything real good and If I dont see a problem, I will check into that. Just about everytime I see one of these machines, the color is usually jacked up on at least one side. I have been looking and it seems this monitor does not have a very good reputation.

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