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Replace neiman 3m25sf with a Wells Gardner 25k7191 snk vs. capcom Jamma
Posted: Nov-9-2011 1:09 PM
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I recently picked up a SVC Chaos SNK vs. Capcom machine with a Jamma board in a midway cabinet. It looks like the neiman 3m25sf monitor has replaced whatever was originally in there. This nieman is not firing green. I've verified it is the monitor and not the board or connections. Now I have found an Atari Steel Talons side by side with at least one good Wells Gardner 25K7191 monitor. It has another, but it isn't operational (although the 2nd game station seems to be working).

My question is, can I drop the wells into my cabinet and how should I wire it? It appears to be the same size as whatever was in there originally. I'm capable of doing minor wiring mods. I can hook up the power and r,b,g,ground, but how do I know the sync connections? I have 6 wires (yellow with various color stripes) coming from the jama board to the monitor via a small VGA adapter board. Please spoonfeed me some info or link so I can figure out how to hook up the last two synch wires. I have basic test equipment and courage.

Thanks in advance.

Here is the diagram of the new monitor:

Posted: Nov-19-2011 6:53 PM
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Got the swap in and done. It works great. I just had to tie the jamma -H and -V sync wires together.

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