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Posted: Apr-11-2012 12:34 PM
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I've got a police trainer machine that I can't seem to get the guns to work reliably on. I bought new guns, and have adjusted brightness and contrast until the screen looks almost perfect. It helped a little, but the guns still only register about 2-3 % of the time. i have heard that the entire screen may suffer from burn-in, or might need to be degaussed (sp).

Opinions? And if I need to replace the monitor, which one do I need?


Posted: Nov-29-2012 4:08 PM
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Did you ever resolve this, I am having a similar issue with my Police Trainer?


Posted: Nov-30-2012 6:40 AM
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Yes, actually. Turned out that the guns were plugged in upside down into the main board. Sounds weird, but even upside down, the triggers would respond, so I though I had it right. Flipped the plugs over and all was well. I hope this helps you.


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