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Monitor works and then goes dark/blind
Posted: Jan-5-2015 8:50 AM
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The game turns on and plays for a few (~5) minutes, and then the screen goes completely off while the game (sounds) continue. This has happened twice in 2 days - after not being powered up for many (8) years.
There is no more neck glow.

I believe I have a Wells-Gardner Model No. 25K7197 with an RCA tube.

Where should I start looking for the problem?
Any suggestions on what the problem likely is (diodes, HOT, flyback)?


Posted: Jan-6-2015 2:10 AM
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I don't have much help for you because when I have problems like this, it can get really frustrating! I would try changing the caps and the flyback and most of the time it doesn't work and I still end up having to send the chassis in for repairs. Plus the flyback and parts almost cost the same as sending it in! I spend all that money on the parts and messing with it and nothing. Normally now a days I just ship them out for repairs and it's really not that expensive and it comes back in less then a week working brand new! This guy has been fixing chassis for me for over 10 years and if you want someone to fix it and no headaches messing with it yourself, I would just send it out.

Your question will be emailed to everybody on the site so someone might tune in and have a good idea what is wrong with your monitor, it is a very common one. I'm sure their is a lot of people that do know how to fix them. helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

Posted: Feb-18-2015 4:41 AM
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Always check connections
Unplug clean and pry the pins to ensure good connections
Especially that the game was sitting and was working back then

Posted: Apr-1-2015 11:13 PM
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Check solder connections during your recap. it is quit possible tha it is going into high voltage shutdown in wich case you need an expirenced tv tech to fix it.

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