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Monitor powers up, no hum, no picture! Where do I start?
Posted: Nov-12-2012 6:04 PM
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Here's what happened. I converted a Smash-TV 25' cabinet into a MAME cabinet, and rewired the monitor to run through VGA. It was working all well and good. I reached behind the cabinet and pulled up the control panel to adjust the picture on the monitor (It's an external panel connected to the monitor chassis with a wire). When I pulled the panel up, the back of it touched the metal frame holding the monitor in place. The contacts on the back of the panel sparked, the screen went all colorful, then died. There is now no high pitched hum when the monitor is turned on, and no picture. There is still a low pitched hum.

I'm guessing I completely blew the chassis, but I'm hoping there's something I can do. What could short circuiting the control panel have done to blow the monitor? It is potentially something that could be fixed with a cap kit or some other onboard electronics replacement?

Not sure what to do here, thanks for reading!

You'll find attached a picture of the monitor working during a happier time, before it was brutally murdered by incompetence.

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