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Monitor Location causing screen dis-coloration
Posted: Aug-16-2011 6:07 AM
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I currently work in an office and we just got an NBA jam machine delivered and carried up to the 4th floor. The monitor is dis-colored in the bottom corners and i have seen the video on degaussing.

I made a home made degaussing coil by removing one from an old CRT I had just replaced and wiring an AC adapter to it through a dimmer to control the voltage.

After trying this a few times, there was no visual improvement. I noticed on a pod cast from that there could be external factors based on the location of the machine.

Well! I found out that our office used to actually be a bank, and the main area is solid steel that was used for a vault and has since been covered over with dry wall, so unfortunately our whole inner office is like being in a big metal box :S

Anyhoo, I noticed when I started moving that machine around that the spots were changing in size and location on the screen and the top corners started to become affected. I believe I have it in the best location now but there are still sizeable spots in the bottom corners.

Does anyone have any kind of solution to this? We can't move the machine anywhere else as it seems to get worse and the rubber mat suggestion I heard may not be enough since all the walls, ceiling and floors are solid steel. I will try that out though!

I did read somewhere that someone used small, earthen magnets and attached them inside their cabinet at the problem spots to sort of fight off the magnetic interference and it worked for them. Would anyone recommend this solution?

I have also contacted arcaderepairtips to see if they have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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Click on the image to zoom in
Posted: Aug-16-2011 6:08 AM
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Sorry about the photo orientation :S

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