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Hantarex POLO3/ 10 monitor dead, chassis good...
Posted: Oct-23-2011 7:33 AM
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Hello, I have a game, Borg Contact, that has 2 - 10" screens and one of them shows no sign of life. I have had the chassis rebuilt and got it back and still nothing. I took the rebuilt chassis and traded it with the other monitor and the rebuilt chassis and neck board work great on the non-dead monitor. The picture tube shows no light at the end when turned on so I have to assume it is something with the tube itself or the yoke. Now, I am no electronic expert, I can swap parts and use my multimeter for small (very small)tasks. If someone can tell me what to check with the meter and what results I'm looking for I can do that. If anyone can help please do as i cannot find one of these monitors anywhere I look and even if it's the picture tube, even you don't have a 10" listed.


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Posted: Nov-5-2011 5:47 PM
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it does not sound good. first check the wire pins on the crt neck. are any bent? the heater pins are labled h thier are 2 of them. one is usualy grounded and the other ties to a small value resistor on the neck board. measure accross tge two pins wit an ohm meter. you should have a low resistence. the other thing to check is to verify the ground wire between the neck board and chassis ground. also check the wire from the gronding strap around the tube and the neck board and or chassis. both grounds must be intact. if the dag ground is open sparcs will fly between th tube and chassis. the ground between the neck board and chassis is very importent for the heater return. it is possible that heater return is trying to grond to the dag and then to chassis. a direct return path for both dag and heater grond to chassis i important. i

if your ground paths are good and there is an open accross the heaters then the tube is bad.

a copany in ohio called hawkeye rebuils btubes. you ahip them the dud and they regun it.

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