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Green vertical line in the middle of picture
Posted: Jun-10-2011 3:44 AM
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First of all thank you very much for all the information on the web, I watched all your videos and they helped me a lot!!

I have a VideoSelection II with an Hantarex MTC9000 20" connected a computer and ArcadeVGA to it. With several VGAs happen the same problem.

I have a vertical green line in the middle of the screen.
It dissapear when decreasing brightness in flyback, but I need some more brightness in the monitor.
The picture is visible, so it's not a collapse problem.
I attach a picture good brightness and a another increasing brightness in flyback until retrace lines can be seen.

Voltages seem to be ok: B+ (TP10) 133VDC, TDA2595 have 12,2VDC.

Months ago I've changed flyback and several capacitors near BU508A to fix another problem.
Recently I changed TDA2595 and all electrolitic capacitors in chassis searching for this issue.

Thanks for reading, any orientation or idea is welcome!


Click on the image to zoom in

Click on the image to zoom in
Posted: Jul-12-2011 7:19 PM
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That is a really weird problem and it seems like it might be your computer making the green line and not the monitor. You should connect something else to the monitor and see if you still have the green line. helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

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