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Toshiba D29CR55 PB8014-1 no vertical deflection

Toshiba PB8014-1 no vertical deflection.

Toshiba D29CR55 PB8014-1 arcade monitor

Look at that blue line! The day this happened I could small something burning.

no vertical deflection toshiba

And look what we have here! one bubbled up LA7838 vertical IC

la7838 vertical ic

So I put a new vertical IC in location Q306 and turned the monitor on and still no vertical! Tested pin 8 for 24 volt power and nothing. I tracked the problem down to a fuse FQ03 you can see the empty spot for it in this picture.

vertical ic q306

Fuse FQ03 125v 5A brand SOC open.

fuse soc 5a

Wanted to fix this monitor today so I rigged up a new fuse with a connector from Radio Shack.

fuse riged up chassis

After installing the new fuse wa la that monitor is working again!

working Toshiba D29CR55 arcade monitor

Components changed two, cost $5.00

Vertical IC Q306
Fuse FQ03

Posted: Sat, 16 Apr 2011