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Toshiba D29CR55 PB6643-1 arcade monitor no picture and no hi voltage.

Toshiba PB6643-1 no picture and no hi voltage.


Tested the Horizontal Output Transistor found to be shorted. location Q412

Toshiba PB6643-1 q412 Horizontal Output Transistor

C5143 tested shorted

I started thinking what can cause the HOT to short since the HOT turns on the flyback and the 125 volt run through the Horizontal Output Transistor maybe the power coming from the power supply is bad! I started taking the capacitors out and testing them. I found three that didn't test healthy in the power supply.

Cap CQ29 2200uf 25v 105C

cap CQ29

Cap CQ41 470uf 25v 105C

cap cq41

Cap CQ15 220uf 50v 105C

cap cq15

I found one more cap that looked bad C416 470uf 35v 105C

cap c416

So I Powered the monitor back up and it came on! I will try to put it in a game maybe tonight!

working Toshiba PB6643-1 arcade monitor

Components changed five, cost $7.00

Horizontal Output Transistor Q412
Cap CQ29
Cap CQ41
Cap CQ15
Cap C416

Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2011