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NeoTec NT-2701 Medium resolution arcade monitor making a clicking sound

This NeoTec monitor was completely dead all it was doing when turn on was making a click, click, click sound. The power supply was not turning on. I took the chassis out and the first thing I noticed was that cap C423 blow up and the next thing I noticed was the B+ adjustment was turned all the way up. I am thinking that is what blow the capacitor, so I turned the B+ all the way down. Maybe the flyback is the problem and blow the cap I'm not sure yet. I put it all back together turned it on and it is working now, I turn the screen color up and it has raster. I going to hook a game up to it and see if it stays working. I checked the B+ voltage at D106 and its at 103 volts the service manual say it is supposed to be 100V.

cap c423bad cap c423

Bad cap was here C423 684J and the original blowing up cap.


B+ adjustment R111

NeoTec nt-2701

Raster on screen!


Components changed one, cost $1.00
B+ turned down

Posted: Sun, 13 Mar 2011