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Green bleeding when first turned on ....
Posted: Jan-5-2015 11:38 AM
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Guys I have this issue that I'm wondering if its the tube. Im no expert but the issue is pretty consistent. No intermittent behavior by messing/moving/tightening cable/connectors in the back.

Basically, like clock work, after the monitor has been off for a time the once turned on I get a slightly dark tint and green bleeding off of light images. (see pics) Keep the monitor on for about 5-8 min then it switches back to normal looking beautiful. Never comes back until the monitor is shut off and cools. Then the process start all over again.

What do you think? Has anyone seen this before?



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Posted: Jan-6-2015 2:19 AM
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I think changing the caps normally fixes stuff like this and that is what I would do. The other thing I would do is never turn it off if that kept it working haha, I know waste of electricity :p helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

Posted: Jan-8-2015 2:43 PM
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Ok thats what I'm hearing.. problem is I don't know what kind of monitor this is. So how would I go about replacing caps? Its not a normal arcade monitor. No markings or numbers of any kind other than on the tube itself. I posted an earlier thread regarding it. Its an Arcade VGA monitor. I guess I could just pull the board and make a list visually then purchase the replacements...

Not sure if its worth the trouble. Ive been thinking of getting a true 15k monitor anyway so this may be the excuse to do it. :)

I really need to learn about these things..I just can't bare to put an LCD in my cab! YUCK!



Posted: Jan-8-2015 4:59 PM
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I don't know lol, the future is LCD and LED because they stop making tubes! You can just build your own kit. I order from this company because they are the cheapest! The uF value needs to be the same but the voltage can be higher but never lower. No matter what you can always find a good working monitor in an old game and there is companies that can take apart an old picture tube and make it new again for a fortune I am sure lol. All in all arcade monitors are really strong and I have the chassis repaired all the time and they always look good, even on monitors that are over 30 years old now! helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

Posted: Apr-1-2015 11:08 PM
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I am blessed with maintaining about 200 tube based monitors. They are quit old so iI have had to build about a hundred . I purchasea chassis from alva amusement. They sell the Wia product at very reasonable prices in the event that a catastrophic failure destroys the pc board. I buy up analog tvs fromm school auctions and thrift stors for 10 bucks or so. In most cases these tubes are vastly superior to original arcade tubes. If you cant find a tube a company out of Iowa reguns them. Shipping will kill you beacause you may have to ship your tube to them and pay for shipping back. around80 bucks one way. Hawk Eye charges 80 or so to regun them. You of course have to know how to set purity and converge them. They can supply static magnets and wedges and stig magnets.

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