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Ok, soo...which component might be bad?
Posted: Aug-29-2011 6:21 PM
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Hi guys,
I'm hoping one of you gurus might be able to help me on this. I have a Taito Egret cab which has a Nanao MS8-29 monitor.

When I turn it on, I get no picture(and don't hear high voltage). However, if I turn it on and off and wait a bit...maybe...30 min? it will come on.

I had a guy come over and he reflowed some points and checked the board for leaking caps, etc. The components looked ok...after doing reflowing, I have the same symptoms, BUT now I can get the monitor to come on by simply..
1) Turn monitor on/off
2) Count to 10
3) Turn monitor on

I also notice that once on, it does shut down once maybe 10 minutes in. I do the same routine as above and it runs fine after that.

Any ideas on what component/s it could be? Where to start looking at least.

Side note, anyone know a good tech in Hawaii(Oahu)? It's hard to find a monitor tech over here...

Posted: Oct-4-2011 2:16 AM
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You might just need a new flyback there not that expensive and easy to change.

Click on the image to zoom in helping people fix arcade monitors and great products.

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